Monday, August 2, 2010

book Smarts!

I usually use this blog to talk about general security related issues, but on this special occasion, I’d like to tell you all about a new book of mine that just came out.

Even though I’ve been a writer for almost 15 years, this is my first published book, and it’s also good news for many users of UAG, IAG or eGap users, as this is the 1st public book about these products.

For those who never heard of these products, UAG is the latest member of a line of secure remote-access products. It was originally developed by Whale Communications from Israel, which was purchased by Microsoft in 2006. In 2007, the previous version named IAG (Intelligent Application Gateway) was released, and a few months ago, UAG (Unified Access Gateway) was released as part of the Forefront family of security products.

The book itself is not really finished – I still have a few more chapters to write, but the publisher has released the first three chapters as something they call RAW (short for Read As we Write). It’s like a Beta version – readers can get it right now, way before the book is officially out, and also make comments or suggestions to it. This is a great honor for me, of course, as the publisher only releases into RAW books that are very well written, and can stand their ground without significant edits.

Even though the book is about UAG, a lot of it also applies to IAG, and even eGap. It’s written specifically for the UAG beginner, and starts with basic concepts and design. It then goes through advanced configurations and troubleshooting, as well as Direct Access. It does not, however, cover advanced scenarios like ADFS or customizations.

Interested? I hope so…go ahead and look at:

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